30 TEAMS IN 30 DAYS: Yankees Try To Take Back The AL East

In Major League Baseball there are teams that throw in all the chips and set the bar as high as they can for the upcoming season.  There are also teams that are in rebuild mode where they are just unloading contracts in order to pick up young players for the future. Both of these scenarios describe the 2017 New York Yankees.

Most years the New York Yankees are willing to spend whatever they need to in order to win ball games. New York is one of the most popular teams in baseball because they are known for winning. In 2016 was the first time since the late 80s they were involved in what is called a fire sale. For those of you who don’t know a fire sale in baseball is, it is simply trading your top more expensive players to get young prospects for the future. In 2016 at the trade deadline the Yankees traded, Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller, Carlos Beltran, and Ivan Nova. Despite the trades the Bronx Bombers were still able to finish with a winning record of 84-78.

Despite the trades last year the Yankees still feel they can compete in very tough American League East. The 2017 Yankees have a mixed bag of young talent and veteran presence.

Yankees Key Players:

gary sanchez

C Gary Sanchez: This up and coming star had an amazing month of August. After getting the call up from the Minors, this young catcher hit 20 home runs in just 53 games played last season. Sanchez was named American League player of the month for August, he also got AL player of the week honors twice that month.


SP, Masahiro Tanaka: Entering his 4th year with New York, Tanaka came off his best season winning 14 games in 2016. The young pitcher also posted a 3.07 ERA.


SP, CC Sabathia: This 6 time All-Star is found a long time home in New York. CC is entering his 9th year with the Yankees. Despite a solid 2016 he still finished with a losing record of 9-12, this former World Series Champion has not finished a season with a winning record since 2013.


CP, Aroldis Chapman:  He’s back! The Yankees did trade this fire throwing closer to the World Champion Cubs last season. Due to the free agent market Chapman is back in a Yankees uniform and will be the teams closer this season.

The 2017 New York Yankees are going to be one of the hardest teams to predict this season. The team’s short stop Didi Gregorius will start the season on the Disabled List. New York added veteran slugger Matt Holliday to be the team’s cleanup batter. There is a few young new comers to the lineup such as Aaron Judge and first baseman Gregg Bird. The Yankees do have enough to stay in the division race but it is going to be hard for them to finish.




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