Selection Sunday Recap

IT’S HERE!! Finally, March Madness has arrived and it all started with Selection Sunday yesterday. With out further a due, let’s recap!

Villanova, the defending champions, is your number one overall seed.

– East Region

  • 1-Villanova
  • 2-Duke
  • 3-Baylor
  • 4-Florida

– Midwest Region

  • 1-Kansas
  • 2-Louisville
  • 3-Oregon
  • 4-Purdue

– South Region

  • 1-North Carolina
  • 2-Kentucky
  • 3-UCLA
  • 4-Butler

– West Region

  • 1-Gonzaga
  • 2-Arizona
  • 3-Florida State
  • 4-West Virginia

Those are the top four seeds in each region. I think the committee did a pretty good job on getting it right. I haven’t figured out what I think the Final Four will be in deep thought yet.

Happy March everybody!


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