Thoughts On Tomorrow

Well, here we are. The day before Selection Sunday. The ACC Tournament didn’t go as planned for the Cardinals. Losing to Duke in the quarter-finals, and being 0-2 in the conference tourney wasn’t idea but Louisville can still go on a run. 

Donovan Mitchell will be key in the tourney. As Mitchell goes, Louisville goes. He sets the pace. Louisville can’t afford an off night from Mitchell during the run.

My biggest issue with the team is the free throw shooting. It’s always a game or two in the tourney where you have to make your free throws. This is March, anything can happen. Would like to see at least 80% from the line during the tournament.

Now all in all, Louisville is one of the 12-15 teams with a legit shot to have its one shining moment. With the Duke loss, the road may take a different course though. All along, thought a 2 seed was a lock with Louisville. With all the chatter and new mock brackets, not feeling as confident with that 2. Now, a 3 seed is a lock. Louisville struggling away from the Yum! Center against quality teams. A couple good wins away from the Yum! Center.

Think that hurts the Cards tomorrow getting on that 2 line. Selection Sunday is always a great day to look forward to this time of year. Especially since the whole fiasco last season and not being in the big dance. So let the chips fall where they may.





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